Established on 3rd July 1994 in Gurugram, Haryana Deepashram shelters and cares for mentally and physically handicapped boys and men (Differently abled) ranging in age from 10-35 years old. Deepashram is run by the Society of the Missionary Brothers of Charity Contemplative, one of the branches of Missionaries of Charity founded by Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
The center works to rehabilitate and reintegrate into society children with mild mental retardation through education and training. However, many of the boys lack the percentage of mobility that allows autonomy; thus they require constant care from Deepashram staff and volunteers.
Deepashram depends on contributions from collaborators and benefactors for the daily upkeep of the center and physical and medical needs of the boys, which include check-ups, neurological screenings, psychological assessments, and physiotherapy.

God’s Love – Work In Action

The boys at Deepashram are classified in different categories according to their handicapped, Mental retardation, Mild case, Border line. Severe and profound retardation are severe conditions, which are very demanding to handle and highly energy and time consuming. Some of them suffer from both physical and mental retardation with associated disorders, dumb and deaf, psychosis, etc.

Thanks be to God with the help of the brothers and staff, you don’t have the impression that you are in a mental hospital when you visit Deepashram. And we try to grant as much freedom as possible to the already challenged inmates.

Achievement of Deepashram during the past 25 years on foundation. There are 2 of our boys who were able to study in a normal school. A boy named ‘Chintu’, physically handicapped and ‘Bosco’ a Deaf and Dumb have finished their class 10 and also named ‘Raju’ pursuing his degree B. Com. with English medium in a renowned school and college here in Gurgaon. We hope and try to give the best support that these boys will be able to live on their own in the future with a good profession.

  1. Vocational training has been offered to several of the slightly mentally and physically challenged
  2. A Special Educator for academic and vocational training has been employed, who teaches on a daily basis from 9 to 12 am.
  3. Physio department has two professional physiotherapists who offer therapy for 14 orphans daily from 9-12 am.
  4. Cultural program for our boys on various occasions The basement Mother Teresa Hall is being used for various activities :
    1. Visiting the Slums weekly regardless of creed cast and colour; meeting the children, teach them some moral values according to Indian Culture tradition, distribute some copy books to those go to school, provide basic foodstuff and medicines.
    2. Visiting the destitutes at the Gurgaon near and around.